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At SpaceShare, we believe in transparent and straightforward pricing to ensure our clients have a clear understanding of the value they receive. Our pricing model is designed to align with the high-quality leasing services we provide. 

Commission on rent model

Spaceshare will find a suitable tenant for the client with a fare market rent. Only 10-12% will be charged on the rent. Spaceshare will collect the rent, deposit into the client’s account. Spaceshare will maintain the property which includes lawn mowing, ice cleaning and any kind of maintenance. The house owner will pay for those expenses. The tenant will directly call to Spaceshare for any kind of issues instead of the owner. If the tenant doesn’t pay the rent Spaceshare will pay the owner continuously. 

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Spare room share model

If you have a spare room in your house or rented house or apartment you can share your room with a like minded person. Spaceshare will find a right person and will charge half of the first month rent. Spaceshare will thoroughly screens all applicants to ensure a good fit and compatibility with you and your home. Our team thoroughly reviews each applicant to ensure compatibility, taking into account personality, interests, lifestyle and more to find the ideal match for you.

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Best Deal
Master Lease

SpaceShare will rent the property from the house owners at fair market rent. SpaceShare will use the property for AirBnB purposes. SpaceShare will invest on furniture’s. The lease has to be at least one year. The home owners will get their rent 1st day of every month, they don’t need to be worried about the tenant, rent, and the maintenance of the properties.

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70/30 Model

SpaceShare will post the vacancy on AirBnb on behalf of the house owners. The owners will buy the furniture and other cleaning stuffs. Spacesahre will take care of the cleaning and other maintenance issues. The owner will take 70% of the income and Spaceshare will take 30% of the income.

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