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Welcome to SpaceShare, your premier leasing partner in Toronto focused on empowering home owners. We understand the challenges homeowners face when leasing their spaces, from delinquent payments to property damage. SpaceShare aims to change the traditional leasing model by putting owners first.

With our streamlined end-to-end leasing process, rigorous tenant vetting and built-in risk mitigation, we ensure homeowner safely maximize the earning potential of their holdings. Our innovative yet human approach leads to rewarding tenant relationships and gives owners true peace of mind.

Benefits for Commercial Property Owners for lease in Toronto

As your partner, SpaceShare provides home owners with:

  • Rent Guarantee – We provide a rent guarantee for vacant periods and non-payments eliminating lost income concerns.
  • Tenant Vetting – Our multi-point inspection and approval process surfaces ideal tenants who are financially stable.
  • Lease Customization – We craft leases to safeguard owner interests including security deposits and other protections.
  • Maintenance Coordination – We coordinate any maintenance issues on the owner’s behalf for a hands-off experience.
  • Damage Mitigation – We implement preventative measures and handle repairs to avoid major holdings damage.
  • Owner Portal – Our technology allows complete visibility into occupancy rates, maintenance needs, payments and more.
  • Premium Rents – Our pricing algorithms benchmark against the market to achieve maximum property sublet income.
  • Hands-on Support – Our team is always available to address owner needs, questions or concerns.
Take The Stress Out of Commercial Property for lease in Toronto

As experienced professionals, we understand the headaches that can come with your commercial premises for sublet in Toronto. With SpaceShare as your leasing partner, you can eliminate that stress and rest assured your space is optimized.

Here are just a few of the ways we empower premises owners:

  • No more late payments – With guaranteed rent, you receive consistent monthly income on time.
  • Reduce turnover costs – Our tenant vetting minimizes defaults and mid-lease breakages.
  • Prevent deferred maintenance – We stay on top of repairs to avoid damage or safety issues.
  • No surprises – With 24/7 visibility into your property’s status, there are no unexpected headaches.
  • Smooth renewals – We handle sublet renewals and extensions for uninterrupted occupancy.
  • Built-in insurance – Special clauses protect against theft, vandalism and catastrophe-based business disruptions.
Putting Owners First Through Smarter Leasing

Your commercial investment property is a valuable asset that should optimize earnings. Yet traditional leasing models often fall short on delivering an owner-centric experience.

SpaceShare transforms the premises for lease experience through features like:

  • Automated workflows – From listing to lease signing, technology expedites the process.
  • Inventory optimization – Dynamic pricing responds to market demand to maximize occupancy.
  • Proprietary risk scoring – Our algorithms identify responsible, low-risk tenants.
  • Triple net leases – Tenants pay taxes, maintenance and insurance costs to lower owner expenses.
  • Digital payments – Secure portals allow contactless rent collection from tenants 24/7.
  • Proactive maintenance tracking – Smart sensors give early warning signs to prevent damage.
  • Tenant experience incentives – Happy tenants lead to longer lease terms and referral business.

The combination of human expertise and smart technology allows us to operate as an extension of your team. The result? Your premises produces maximum returns with minimum headaches.

Frequently Asked Questions from Commercial Property Owners

Here are answers to some FAQs we receive from owners for lease in Toronto:

How does SpaceShare verify tenant creditworthiness?

Our proprietary screening reviews credit, criminal and eviction histories along with employment, income, debts, references and more to assess applicants.

What’s the process if a tenant doesn’t pay?

With our rent guarantee, you continue receiving uninterrupted income. We pursue past due rent from the tenant directly so you avoid the stress.

What types of businesses do you lease to?

We work with quality tenants across all industries – from professional services and healthcare to food and beverage and retail.

Who handles maintenance requests and issues?

SpaceShare coordinates any maintenance needs on your behalf. We only dispatch fully licensed, bonded and insured vendors.

How do you determine appropriate rental rates?

Based on premises details and real-time market data, our pricing algorithms recommend optimal rents to maximize earnings.

Will I have access to view occupancy and earnings?

Our owner portal lets you monitor leasing activity, maintenance requests, payments and more with full transparency.

Let’s Connect to Discuss Leasing Your Commercial Property

At SpaceShare, our mission is giving commercial property owners the platform to safely and reliably profit from their assets. From tenant vetting to streamlined leasing and transparent reporting, we’ve thought of everything to protect your interests.

Are you ready in commercial establishment for lease in Toronto? let’s talk. We’re ready to help you maximize your property.

At SpaceShare, we don’t just talk about putting owners first – we live it through every interaction. Our dedicated Owner Experience team is available to address any needs, questions or concerns you may have. We know you have plenty of options when it comes to leasing your commercial establishment in Toronto. That’s why we work tirelessly to earn your trust and exceed your expectations.

Our promise to you is complete transparency. You’ll have real-time visibility into your property’s performance through our owner portal. Key metrics like occupancy rates, maintenance requests, lease expirations and earnings are right at your fingertips. We’ll proactively communicate any issues that arise so you’re never caught off guard.

You’re more than just a client to us – we see ourselves as an extension of your team. Our incentives are fully aligned with you to ensure your establishment’s success. If at any point our service falls short of your expectations, we will make it right. Our commitment to delivering an exceptional and hassle-free experience is unwavering.

We can’t wait for you to become part of the SpaceShare community. So let’s connect today to start maximizing your commercial property’s potential together.

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