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We understand the complexities of managing residential and commercial real estate and make it our mission to simplify operations for owners. With our team of experienced professionals, best-in-class technology and owner-first mindset,

Benefits of Partnering with SpaceShare for your property management in Toronto

As your property supervision team, SpaceShare provides:
  • Hands-off supervision – We handle leasing, maintenance, rent collection, accounting, compliance and more so you can sit back and relax.
  • Reliable accounting – We oversee all accounting, including collecting and distributing rent, paying vendors and utilities, and issuing monthly statements.
  • Tenant screening – Our multi-point inspection vets applicants thoroughly so you get ideal, long-term tenants.
  • Proactive maintenance – Regular inspections and smart home technology enables detecting and addressing issues early.
  • Premium rent rates – Utilizing real-time market data, we price optimally to maximize rental income.
  • Complete compliance – We ensure your holdings remains compliant with all laws, regulations, safety standards and insurance requirements.
  • Direct communication – Our managers make themselves readily available via phone, email and in-person to address any needs or concerns.
Simplified, Stress-Free Ssupervision in Toronto

Owning investment properties should be passive, positive income streams. Yet traditional management models often create more inconvenience than rewards for owners. Between unreliable rent payments, unexpected maintenance costs, damaged properties and regulatory burdens, it can become an outright headache.

The SpaceShare difference lies in our owner-first approach plus utilization of technology to automate workflows and simplify operations.

Just a few ways we deliver a smoother management in Toronto experience:
  • No more chasing rent – On-time payments guaranteed or we cover any shortfalls.
  • Lower maintenance costs – Preventative maintenance and staff technicians minimize major repairs.
  • Reduce turnover expenses – Our tenant vetting better retains long-term, reliable tenants.
  • Eliminate compliance worries – We stay on top of bylaw changes, filings, permits and more.
  • Avoid surprises – Real-time status updates via our owner portal let you monitor from anywhere.
  • Minimize costs – Our economies of scale and buying power lower expenses passed onto owners.
Next Generation Property Supervision in Toronto

While traditional managers rely on outdated, manual processes, SpaceShare leverages technology to deliver unmatched efficiency and service levels to owners.

Our platform includes innovations like:

  • Automated workflows – Digital processes accelerate tasks from lease signing to maintenance.
  • Smart home sensors – Internet-connected devices track conditions to get ahead of issues.
  • Digital payments – Contactless rent collection via our tenant app and owner portal.
  • Paperless system – All documents, statements and records stored securely in the cloud.
  • Predictive analytics – We identify risks early and make recommendations to optimize assets.
  • Proprietary scoring – Our algorithms help identify and approve ideal tenant applicants.
  • Mobile accessibility – Owners and tenants have access to details and self-service options on-the-go.

By pairing tech with human oversight, we enable proactive, data-driven management. The result? Properties operating at peak efficiency and profitability on autopilot.

Frequently Asked Property Management Questions

Here are answers to some FAQs we received:

How often do you inspect each property?

We conduct detailed interior/exterior inspections quarterly.

Do you handle all contractor relationships?

Yes, we have trusted relationships with fully insured, licensed contractors to coordinate any maintenance or repairs needed.

What accounting services do you provide owners?

Our accounting includes collecting rent, processing deposits so you don’t have to go through this hassle.

What is your policy on rent collection?

Rent is due on the 1st week of each month. We will deposit it for you without any delay even if tenant delays the rent.

What is your fee structure and how does it compare?

Our fee structure is designed to provide maximum value to the owners. We believe in complete transparency when it comes to pricing. We encourage you to review the full range of services we provide on our website. Given the level of service, technology and expertise we deliver, our rates are extremely competitive. We’re confident you’ll find our pricing to be unbeatable compared to other managers. We’re happy to discuss our flexible pricing options in more detail during a free consultation to find the plan that fits your needs and property type.

Let’s Connect to Discuss Your Property Management Needs

At SpaceShare, we make overseeing your holdings completely hands-off for owners while ensuring smooth, profitable operations. If you’re looking for a team you can trust to care for your property like it’s their own, schedule a consultation with us. We look forward to learning more about your assets and creating a customized management plan.

We don’t take your trust in us lightly. When you choose SpaceShare as your property supervision partner in Toronto, you can rest assured your asset is in experienced, caring hands. We know there are plenty of options out there, which is why we go to great lengths to earn your business and deliver unmatched service.

Communication and transparency are pillars of our relationship. We’ll keep you apprised of lease renewals, maintenance requests, inspections and any other activity relating to your holdings.

Our dedication goes beyond overseeing day-to-day operations. Utilizing the latest technology and market data, we take a strategic approach to advising you on optimizing your asset over the long-term. This includes recommendations on capital improvements to increase rents and home value, assessing refinancing options to take advantage of favorable rates, and providing insight on buying/selling at the right time to maximize returns.

We also stay on top of the latest laws, regulations and compliance requirements to avoid any issues down the road. You can enjoy true peace of mind knowing we have you covered.

From the thoroughness of our maintenance technicians to the timeliness of our communications and transparent accounting, we deliver on our promises. Experience the SpaceShare difference for yourself. We’re eager to learn more about your property and show you how our owner-first approach leads to smooth, stress-free management. Let’s connect today!

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