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Welcome to SpaceShare’s rental management service. We help property owners safely capitalize on the lucrative
home sharing opportunity while avoiding the pitfalls. Through our streamlined hosting process, rigorous screening and hands-on support, you can start earning optimal income from short-term guests.

Benefits of Renting Your Property on Airbnb with SpaceShare:
  • Increased occupancy – We fill vacancies between long-term tenants with short-term rental stays.
  • Higher renting rates – Nightly and weekly rates bring up to 2-3x more than long-term rentals.
  • Turnkey hosting – From listing to checkout, we handle every aspect of managing your
    home sharing.
  • Guest screening – Our vetting ensures only respectful, responsible travelers stay at your premises.
  • 5-star service – With 24/7 assistance, we provide guests an amazing experience reflecting highly on you.
  • Seamless cleaning – Professional cleaners prepare your home between each stay.
  • Effortless payouts – Our automated system sends your rental earnings directly each month.
  • Peace of mind – With round-the-clock coverage, you can relax knowing your asset is protected.
Start Earning More with Your Furnished or Unfurnished Property

Rental your premises on Airbnb is an excellent way to maximize income versus relying solely on long-term leases. As tourism recovers, demand is booming for accommodations.

Whether your property is currently vacant, rented, or you’re the owner-occupant, SpaceShare can help you capitalize on this opportunity.

Advantages of Short-Term Rental Hosting:
  • No vacancy gaps – Airbnb rentals replace lost income between tenants.
  • Unlock hidden value – Underutilized spaces like basements bring incremental revenue.
  • Fund upgrades – The higher rental rates help pay for improvements over time.
  • Meet mortgage obligations – During slower long-term rental months, Airbnb fills gaps.
  • Enhanced asset value – Properties with multiple income streams often appraise higher.
  • Tax advantages – Home sharing income may qualify for tax deductions unavailable to long-term deals.
  • Rewarding interactions – Meet exciting guests from around the world.

With SpaceShare guiding your entry into short-term deals, you can start optimizing your property’s full income potential right away.

End-to-End Airbnb Hosting by the Experts

Managing your own listings comes with many pitfalls – from cleaning logistics to property damage risks. Without hospitality experience, it can become an outright headache.

SpaceShare handles every aspect of Airbnb hosting for you:
  • Account setup – We create and manage your listing including pricing strategies.
  • Guest screening – Our vetting process accepts only 4+ star rated travelers.
  • Check-in/check-out – Self check-in options or we greet guests personally on your behalf.
  • 24/7 support – Guests reach us anytime with questions or issues.
  • Cleaning – Our professional teams prepare homes between each stay.
  • Maintenance – We oversee any handyman or repair needs between bookings.
  • Amenities – Each booking comes with complimentary toiletries, WiFi, coffee and more.
  • Payments – You receive earnings directly without having to chase guests for payment.
  • Reviews – We encourage 5-star reviews to boost your listing’s prominence.

Take the first step towards increased income without the hassles of DIY hosting.

FAQs about Property Renting

Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about listing with SpaceShare:

How do you ensure responsible guest behavior?

We vet all guests extensively and implement special agreements. Damage deposits also protect against any incidents.

Who is responsible if issues like theft or property damage occur?

At SpaceShare, we empower home owners by taking care of everything so you can sit back and focus on the rewards of ownership. We would love to learn more about your specific property needs and discuss what type of partnership makes the most sense for your assets. Please get in touch with us so we can explore options.

How often do you furnish cleanings between stays?

Airbnb pays for the cleaning service and SpaceShare will take care of the cleaning. As part of our service, We assume responsibility for covering the costs associated with cleaning staff and other maintenance expenses. Thus, SpaceShare bears the financial responsibility for these essential operational aspects, enabling seamless experiences for both hosts and guests.

What is the owner’s role in day-to-day hosting operations?

With our full-service management, owners have no daily responsibilities. You simply earn more from your asset without the work.

Contact Us to Start Earning More from Your Property

Take the first step toward increasing your asset’s income potential through Airbnb. Our service handles all hosting work so you earn optimal returns safely and easily.

We make Airbnb hosting completely for home owners. Our end-to-end management handles all day-to-day responsibilities so you can simply sit back and collect rental income passively. We know you have plenty of options when selecting a management partner for home sharing. That’s why we focus obsessively on delivering a 5-star hosting experience – from our seamless guest interactions and professional cleanings to the competitive pricing strategies for your listing.

You can rest assured knowing every stay at your property will meet the highest hospitality standards, reflecting positively on you as the owner. With round the clock support, quick issue resolution, and a dedicated host manager overseeing your listing, expect unmatched service.

We also make the process quick and easy for owners. After an initial consultation to understand your needs, we’ll have your fully optimized listing up and running within two weeks. Rental income hits your bank account automatically each month. And you’ll have complete visibility into your listing’s performance through our owner portal.

Join the many satisfied property owners already earning more from Airbnb with SpaceShare. We can’t wait to discuss how our turnkey solution can unlock your asset’s full income potential. Let’s connect!

With SpaceShare’s rental home hosting, property owners can maximize earning by turning spaces into short-term rentals.

Let’s connect to discuss turning your holdings into income.

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